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  3D Graphics

Many sites require content which does not exist in the real world.  Perhaps you are a developer with a new hospital,  a custom home builder with new floor plans, an architect with a troublesome client who keeps making changes, maybe your congregation would like to see the new church.  We build custom 3D content on a project basis.  We have a library of thousands of pre-made wire frame models which we can use in renderings to help lower your cost.

Sirius can also use 3D to make banners and logos to dress up your site.  We can provide them on a seasonal basis to help you keep your content fresh.  We can simplify your site logo so you can also have hats and shirts made.  We can also animate these to enhance their advertising value.

Panorama 360 virtual tours are produced with a panoramic camera with parabolic lens.  They put your client in the center of the room or living space you wish to display.  It has a zoom feature for the details.  It can be like a 24 hour open house on the web.  This is especially good for you brokers, agents and builders. 

Immersive images are produced with a turn table and java programming code.  They allow your customer to see your product from all sides.  The allow interaction and add interest to a web page.

Animations:  We produce animated gifs or AVI movies.  We can make an animated  or virtual spokesperson for your product or company.  The virtual spokes man can be either cartoon or true to life.  We can even make an animation of you!

Fly bys or Walk-arounds.  Sirius produces programmatic tours or static 3D displays for presentation or trial.  These are also good for home builders.   This might be just the thing to convince a skeptical jury or cautious buyer.

We keep a virtual back lot of several thousand 3D models.  We can use these pre-existing models to cut your costs and to stretch your art and advertising budget.  Custom model making is also an option.  If we don't have it, we can create it.  

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