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About Us

Sirius Image Works is a company established in July of 2001 to provide images and artwork to web developers.  Our photography and artwork is done in house which helps us reduce your cost.  It is not outsourced.  Our programming background enables us to produce site/page add ons that script designers can not.  Much of our art work is accomplished with 3D wire frame techniques.

Every company will tell you about their experience. Out of that combined 124 years experience their sales people told you about, would you be assigned some kid fresh out of school with a year of actual programming? Is that Ph.D. in computer science actually located in the Ukraine or India? Has their lead programmer got excellent test taking skills or real code writing ability? Can their programmers actually write source code or do they just hire them for the certificates and degrees? Sirius does not outsource its code work." 

The Principals

Michael Saltsman, partner, javascript. ASP, 3D and web designer  is also a veteran Visual Basic programmer. He has over 20 years of applications design, database (access and SQL server) and information systems experience with 3 commercial packages to his credit. 

Mr. Saltsman produced a successful litigation support program known as PaperChaser, which evolved into a complete litigation support company. He has managed software production since 1995 and has built Windows databases for the same time period.

In December of 1999, Michael sold his 45% interest in PaperChaser.com in order to establish a new company Sirius Intelligent Systems.  In June of 2003, Ava Slaughter joined Sirius and the sole proprietorship became a partnership known as Sirius Image Works.

Michael Saltsman is a native born Houstonian, former army officer and member of the American Legion (9 years). He holds a Master's degree in History. He is an Eagle Scout, Member of the Order of the Arrow, (National Scouting Service Fraternity) and supports the Boy Scouts.

Michael's web development tools include 3D Studio Max, JavaScript, PHP, Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, Adobe Premier,  HTML, Photoshop, RayDream Studio, Organica, Truespace 7.0 , DAZ Studio, Poser 1 through 4, DeBabelizer, Vista Pro and Brice.

Ava Slaughter, CNA. partner, has over 17 years experience as an IT director for several well known law firms, manager and supervisor for several International companies in the Houston metropolitan area.  Ava specializes in wide area networks, intra nets, Internet site use and analysis, database integration and streaming video.

Ava is a seasoned web developer with an array of web and database development tools including Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, VideoStudio, FrontPage, HTML, Adobe Photoshop, Image Ready and PageMaker.   

Ms. Slaughter is a Certified Netware Engineer (CNA) and is a specialist in databases and their use in litigation support. 


Contact Information

Phone Number - (713) 466-8445

Mail Address - 7306 Wovenwood Houston, TX 77041

E-mail - info@siriusimageworks.com