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Custom Programming

Replacing those shrink wrapped packages in some cases can eliminate numerous steps in your daily work routine...  


  • Custom Visual Basic Programming: (Database, communications and graphics are specialties) Why settle for a "shrink wrap" package that almost meets your needs? Get an advantage over you competition. We are a software company that makes software work like people not people work like the software.

  • Image Enabled Database: Let us help you organize your imaged documents. Donít settle for microfilm.

  • Database Design: SQL Server or Access databases are our specialty. Applications too!

  • Scanner Technology: We can assist with the purchase, installation and setup of scanners.


Office Automation:  Looking for a faster more efficient way of getting work out?  Want to cut duplicitous entry work?  Tie multiple departments and databases together so they are not maintain the same information in two or more places.  Do the same amount of work with fewer personnel.


Reduced Paper Office: Tired of not being able to locate your files when you want them?  Do your bit to reduce paper company profits and help ecology.  We do consulting, setup and reduced paper operations. There has been a lot of talk about this one. We can make it a reality.


Reduced Operational Costs:  Reduction of  paper-flow and more efficient input will put more money back in your pocket.  Use the time saved to have your personnel do something that makes you more money.  Paper shuffling is a costly misuse of computer technology.

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